Hiraya Development

Empowering gamers and developers by giving ease of access to payment systems.
About us

What is Hiraya

Hiraya is a skilled development team focused on web3 technologies. They provide various services like graphic design, web development, smart contract development, and creating Telegram and Discord bots. Hiraya has also launched their own payment system project using the BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. The project aims to make payments easier for developers and gamers, while also introducing them to the benefits of blockchain technology.

Hiraya Token

Hiraya Development is a team that is focused on providing support to individuals who are involved with blockchain technology. They are dedicated to making the payment process easier for developers and gamers through the use of their $HRY token. Their main purpose is to empower others within the industry and make the blockchain more accessible to everyone.

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Hiraya Services

In addition to our primary focus on empowering developers and gamers through their $HRY token, Hiraya Development also accepts a variety of work such as creating websites, bots, smart contracts, and graphic designs. This allows them to provide comprehensive support to the blockchain community and create opportunities for individuals to participate and contribute to its growth.

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Ran Mobile: TMC

Ran Mobile: The Master Class is a mobile MMORPG that provides an exciting and nostalgic gameplay.

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Super Caller

Super caller provides an all-in-one solution for getting telegram trending tokens all in one channel.

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